How to Navigate B2B eCommerce

Manufacturers and distributors can grow their business through eCommerce. The challenge is knowing how to build the online shopping experiences that your buyers want.


of B2B buyers prefer to do business with manufacturers and buyers online.


of Millennials are involved in the purchase decision-making.


of B2B buyers report researching at least half of their work purchases online.

eCommerce is Disrupting the B2B Industry

Online shopping is disrupting traditional B2B selling. Digital-savvy buyers want the convenience, speed, accuracy, and personalization that eCommerce stores, mobile apps, and B2B marketplaces like Amazon Business offer.

Amazon Business’s gross sales grew 2.9 times faster than total sales for Amazon. 

It’s time for you to create an online experience that meets buyer’s needs. You can take advantage of the opportunity now, or risk getting left behind.

Grow Your Business with eCommerce

eCommerce can fuel sales growth and increase efficiency, but pivoting to an online selling strategy can be overwhelming.

It requires a strategic shift in how you conduct business across your organization. You need to re-train sales reps, change your internal processes, and invest in the right digital tools like a B2B eCommerce platform. 

What’s the best way to prepare your organization for an eCommerce project?

Building an End-to-End Solution

Manufacturers and distributors need to understand their buyers’s challenges and build online experiences that solve them. To create high quality and consistent experiences, sellers should focus on three key areas: 

– Product content
– Commerce experience
– Automating your eCommerce operations

Learn how you can optimize your online strategy to meet the needs of your buyers. 

We’re here to help.

When shifting to an online strategy, manufacturers and distributors face both strategic and technical complexities. To help, we’re an alliance of software vendors that represent a unified solution of products and services that make B2B eCommerce accessible for your organization.