Enabling End-to-End eCommerce

Learn how to optimize your online experiences to meet buyer expectations.

These three key areas build the foundation of a winning online experience for your buyers: 

Product content
Commerce experience
Connecting your software systems

Content: Product Data Management

Product information is an integral part of an effective online experience. It determines how buyers find, compare, and purchase products.

See how product information drives these parts of your online site:

Site navigation – Ability to navigate product categories and choices

Site search – Search and find products on your site

Rich product listings – Help buyers judge the quality of products

Product recommendations – Show relevant product suggestions for upsell opportunities

Commerce: Optimizing the Shopping Experience

To offer convenient, easy, and intuitive shopping experiences, you need:

Responsive design for mobile

Offer flexible payment options

Manage pricing rules for customer groups or tiers

Display stock availability

Personalize experience by customer

Connect: Automating Your eCommerce Operations

To efficiently sell online, manufacturers and distributors need a seamless integration between their eCommerce and backend system like an ERP, 3PL, or other supplier databases. System integration automates the movement of data between your eCommerce store and backend systems for critical processes like:

Updating product listings and pricing online

Displaying inventory levels

Automating order fulfillment

Displaying order and shipment details for buyers
Implementing eCommerce alongside its integration into any other vital back end systems ensures you build out an end-to-end solution that works for your organization.

Are you ready to create an online experience your buyers want?