How to Approach eCommerce

It’s a strategic shift for organizations to pivot from an offline business to a fully integrated online sales model.

1. Getting Stakeholder Buy-in

Unrealized eCommerce projects often happen because not all major stakeholders in an organization we’re ready to change. All must agree that eCommerce is the way to increase revenue and create efficiency. It’s an investment in the future of your organization.

2. Is Your Sales Team Onboard?

Your sales team might first object to eCommerce – out of fear for lost compensation for online sales or personal relationships with customers.

An eCommerce site doesn’t make your sales team obsolete!

When the sales team is educated, the site can be used to their advantage – helping them sell larger orders to more customers in less time! They can focus on customer relationships and acquisition, not filling out sales sheets and writing up quotes.

3. Choosing Your Partners

To pivot your business to an online sales model, you’ll need to launch (or re-launch) your eCommerce project with the support of the right partners like:

eCommerce software vendor
Web and design agency
ERP reseller or implementer
Integration provider
PunchOut Catalogs

Throughout the project, you’ll learn new concepts from these partners and how to be successful online by delivering experiences that your buyers wants.

How do you choose the right technology to power your eCommerce experience?